Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How To Build Up Your Faith in God

2 comments Posted by Efoghor Joseph Ezie on 3/09/2011 01:03:00 PM

Developing a rock-solid faith could be an uphill task sometimes; but it could also be a simple thing to do if one understands the steps to take. It is the number one ingredient needed to please God as a believer: to please God, you must first believe that he lives and that he is able to reward those who earnestly seek him (including you).

Has God ever done anything unique for you or anything that would have been impossible from the human angle? Then you have a reason to develop your faith further because if what he did would otherwise have been very difficult or impossible then you should trust more in his ability to do the impossible or the extra-ordinary.

Have you ever woken up at midnight and your child takes ill and there is no vehicle to transport your ailing child to the nearest hospital? The acute sickness became so threatening that you concluded your baby would die before dawn? If in that circumstance you prayed and he/she suddenly gets well, your testimony should encourage you to build your faith in God.

If you have been close to a friend who suffered a terminal disease maybe liver cancer, liver cirrhosis, lung cancer, tumour of the brain, etc; and the doctors at a point ruled that he/she would definitely die in few days and you went on your knees to seek God’s face and your friend got healed, that should motivate you to put your trust in God.

Have you ever come face-to-face with death, maybe you got involved in an auto crash and remained unconscious for days or weeks and the prayer of the brethren sustained you? It shows that the mercies of God can actually do beyond what the orthodox medicine could do.

Albert Einstein was once told by his class teacher that nothing good could come out of him (Einstein): that was when he was about 14 years. But at 26 he propounded “the law of relativism”. Do you think his teacher or his parents gave him special tutorials? No, of course! The hand of God was at work in his life. If you could trust God for once, he can change your life story. Believe that the same God who did it for Albert Einstein could do it for you.

Sometimes you approach God for a thing in prayer and give him a sign to be sure he actually answers your prayers. You wait for the sign to come to pass. Surprisingly it comes to pass without anybody else assisting you to get that desired result. It is enough to help you develop your faith in him because he answers prayer.

To build your faith therefore, reappraise your life; look at those things God has done which no man could easily do for you. Acknowledge him as the source of those miracles. Believe he is trustworthy and that he would never disappoint you if you put your trust in him. Build on that trust; have that firm belief that even in the future God is able to handle all difficult situations you may come across in life.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Disciples Of Jesus Christ - What It Takes To Be One

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A disciple is one who is willing to follow and learn from Jesus Christ; one who is ready to learn his physical attributes and aspire to be endued with his spiritual qualities as well.
Discipleship is about learning from him and transmitting that which you have learnt from him to those you are going to raise.

Christianity would be incomplete if the early disciples like Simon Peter, Andrew, James the son of Zebedee, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James the son of Alphaeus and Thaddeus did not follow Christ religiously and carry out ‘The Great Commission’.

They stayed with and learned from the master: they imbibed his teachings and transmitted all he taught them to the next generations of believers to ensure there was continuity.

In order for one to be a good disciple, one needs to have the following qualities:
1. Willingness to learn: One must be willing to learn from Christ himself or from those who have been disciples themselves. One must be prepared to study the word of God at all times and put on the qualities of the master as written down therein.

2. Obedience: he must be ready to be obedient to the authority of God, Christ and the leaders of the church. Anyone who is not ready to obey established authorities is not ready to be a disciple.

3. Persecution: he should be ready to face persecution as well because the master made it clear that his followers must be ready to face persecution just as he did since a servant cannot be greater than his master.

4. Patience: Such a person must be patient because Christ demonstrated his strength by being patient.

5. Love: One great attribute of Jesus was his love and compassion for humanity and the dying soul. He’s always moved to compassion at the suffering of man and is always ready to do something to alleviate human suffering and pain.

6. Faith: A disciple must have faith in his master; he must believe in the master’s ability to meet his needs, take care of him and protect him. He must believe that no matter the circumstances the master is always there to answer him whenever he called.

7. Zeal: Such a person must also have the zeal and hunger to be like his master. Peter was one such example who kept striving to be like Jesus Christ; he even asked Christ to invite him to walk on the water like himself.

8. Raise others: Christ instructed Peter to take care of the sheep. He also told the disciples to teach all nations in his name. His followers should therefore be willing not only to teach others, but to also to support them in the Lord.

As one who wants to be a disciple of the Lord, are you ready to carry the cross that he carried? Are you ready to learn from him and carry out the great commission? Think about what it takes to be one and make up your mind to follow the master to the end.

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