Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Same Jesus Who Found Me

Posted by Efoghor Joseph Ezie on 3/30/2010 09:34:00 AM

I was a young enthusiastic church-goer who participated virtually in all the activities of my church – I could read the bible very well, I sang in the choir, I was a youth department leader, but was living in secret sin: I still had girl friends, told lies and was stubborn. I was a typical example of one living in the church but without Jesus.

I thought that I was saved at least for participating in all church programmes and for the zeal I showed. I paid my tithes correctly, represented my youth department in debate and
Bible Quiz contests and was applauded for my brilliance, but deep inside me I felt incomplete, something was missing somewhere. To make matters worse the white garment church I attended at the time never did anything to dissuade us from leading immoral lives. At a point I began to hunger to know Jesus; I asked several questions, no satisfactory answers came, I consulted my bible with the desire to have an answer.

Then on the 14th of December, 1997 I finally melt Jesus. I had followed my elder brother to their church and while I was there everything they said from the scripture was real, I could feel the word of God preached unadulterated, the spirit of God was present in that church service. And towards the end of the service an altar call was for those who wanted to accept Jesus Christ as their personal saviour and Lord. For the first time I came out on my own to accept Jesus into my life (though I had earlier been baptized at a young age in the white garment church). I walked to the altar as a prodigal son, with my heart broken for the master. There I confessed my sins and asked Jesus to forgive me. Satisfied that he had forgiven me, I made up my mind never to go back into the sin of fornication (1 Cor.6:18-20; 2Tim.2:22), lies, stubbornness, etc.

Convinced that I had established a better relationship with the Lord and determined not to disappoint him anymore, on the 25th of Dec1997 (Christmas day) I went to my girlfriend and told her I was quitting the illicit affairs because I had found the saviour. She wept sore and thought I would be sympathetic and rescind my decision but my mind was already made up – It’s either Jesus or nothing else. Few months later my second girlfriend came back from school to visit me but she met a changes man. I told her I was now for Jesus – She wondered what had happened to me; nevertheless she respected my decision and withdrew from my life.

When I gave my life to Jesus my life never remained the same anymore. He gave me power over the spirit of lie, fornication, cheating, stubbornness, etc; he cleaned me up, gave me a new lease of life and empowered me. He put his loving arms around me and clothed me with his garment of love, and shined his light around me.

The same Jesus who found me can do the same for you if only you will make up your mind like I did to seek him (Isaiah 55:6-7) for he is ever ready to accept you (John 6:37). Jesus does not want anyone to perish in sin or rebellion because this could make one go to hell if one refuses to heed his clarion call.

If you want Jesus to come into your life and be the saviour and Lord of your life just repeat this prayer: Lord Jesus, I believe you died to set me free from sin. I am sorry for my sins and I ask that you have mercy upon my soul and forgive my sins. I accept you today as my Lord and personal saviour. I forsake my old ways and promise not to go back into my sins anymore. Thank you Jesus because I know you have forgiven my sins. Amen.

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