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10 Rules Of Prosperity

Posted by Efoghor Joseph Ezie on 9/08/2010 06:28:00 PM

When one is prosperous it means he/she is successful; and everyone wants to be successful or at least associate with people who are succeeding in their businesses, ministries, academics or chosen careers.

Prosperity does not just come into one’s laps; there are laid down rules that one has to follow if one expects to be prosperous. These rules, when faithfully obeyed set the stage for you to walk into success.

1. Put God First: God is the source of success; so if we truly want to be prosperous, we must learn to put God first in whatever we do. We must learn to do his will and acknowledge him as the source of our prosperity. Putting God first makes it easier for us to get his heavenly and earthly blessings.

2. Live in simple obedience: God himself has given us some of the principles that would enable us to prosper. Some of those things he says we should do include paying our tithes faithfully, as well as paying our offerings. Besides, he says we should keep his commandments. It would be difficult for us to excel if we live in deliberate disobedience to God’s instructions.

3. Be diligent: God rewards diligence (careful and thorough work), and if you are hard working, he would be pleased to bless the work of your hands. And when he blesses your hand work, success comes.

4. Don’t be lazy: Laziness is the direct opposite of diligence. God hates laziness; so if you want him to bless you and make you prosperous, you must avoid laziness. No wonder the bible says he who does not work should not eat.

5. Be a giver: There is this saying that givers never lack. The Lord Jesus Christ also stated emphatically that “It is more blessed to give than to receive” Acts 20:35. Let me borrow the word of John Bunyan “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can’t pay you back”. Giving opens the door of heavenly blessings.

6. Launch out into new ventures: If you wish to prosper, you should be willing to launch out into new ventures. You must not be afraid to explore new areas of business/investment. Believe God for success, then go ahead to invest in new areas. God rewards your faith in him and makes you prosper.

7. Avoid debts: One rule you must obey is never to live a life of borrowing and indebtedness. Debts would definitely draw you backwards and prevent you from prospering.

8. Be a sower: Be willing to sow into God’s work and into the lives of other people. Sowing brings harvest: when you have sown, God waters your seeds and makes them into bountiful harvests. The more you sow the more harvest you reap.

9. Avoid cheating: Prosperity does not come by cheating; it comes by being honest in whatever you do. Whatever you get through cheating would vanish in no distant time. God rewards honesty because when you are honest, you walk in the true image of God.

10. Sacrifice: Do that which is extraordinary; give to God a painful sacrifice. God is challenged by our extraordinary acts. When we give to him what others are afraid to give, he gives us what others cannot receive.

Put these rules to practice and see what the Lord would do in your life. You would be surprised they work faster than merely praying without taking action. Prayer is necessary no doubt, but it has to be done with the observance of the above-listed rules if you must break out of poverty into success and wealth.

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