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How To Make Your Light Shine Before men

Posted by Efoghor Joseph Ezie on 6/23/2010 06:54:00 PM

Christians are lights, and as such; they are expected to shine for the world to see. They are to illuminate their environment, so that those who have not known God would see their illumination and seek to know their God (Matt.5:16)

Just as light makes a difference in darkness, so Christians are expected to make a difference in this corrupt world. They are to lead by example: those who have not accepted Jesus Christ into their lives should see the difference in the lives of believers, and then desire to have in their own lives, those virtues that have distinguished believers from the unbelievers.

There are several ways we could shine for the world to see; and by shining and touching their lives with our lights, they would see us as true children of God. This could make them forsake their wicked ways and come into God’s kingdom.

1.Be a peace maker: One thing that would distinguish you as a light is when you become a peace maker. You should be a mediator and settle disagreements between people in your environment. When there are problems or disagreements between two or more people, you should not take side with anyone: rather, you should look for a way to resolve the conflict. (Matt.5:9)

2.Respect the law: You must obey the law if you are to positively influence unbelievers for Christ. You must not be a task evader; you must respect environmental laws, traffic laws, and also respect other people’s rights. By so doing you would earn the respect of the people around you; and they would listen when you tell them about Jesus Christ.

3.Live in harmony: You should live in harmony with all people; you shouldn’t be a trouble maker yourself. Be friendly with your neighbours (Christians and non-Christians): and when they intentionally provoke you, you should not react negatively. (Roms.12:18, 14:19; Heb.12:14, 1Peter 3:11).

4.Forgive others: When you forgive others their sins against you, you prove to them that you are a true follower of Jesus Christ.

5.Love others: Love people irrespective of their background, religion, race, social status, etc. When you do, they become attracted you: then you are able to influence them with your light.

6.Live what you preach: Your neighbours are watching to see you do what you preach. If you live what you preach, your life would influence them positively. They are watching if you steal, lie, fornicate, cheat, gossip, etc. So the best way to impart their lives is, never do a thing that would stain your reputation, or make them see you as a hypocrite.

7.Defend the weak: Be willing to be a mouthpiece for the weak; never join to oppress them. Don’t tolerate injustice or any form of segregation between the rich and the poor. You should ensure that the poor or the down trodden are fairly treated.

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