Friday, June 11, 2010

The Reward For Obedience

Posted by Efoghor Joseph Ezie on 6/11/2010 04:36:00 AM

No body loses anything by obeying the word of God; rather we have everything to gain by living in obedience to his instructions. When God gives an instruction he looks for someone who would carry it out and receive his blessings. Obey his word and see the benefits it would bring into your life.

What do we get by Obeying?

1.Healing: Naaman was a respected and influential army general, but he suffered from leprosy for several years. He tried his hands on all known remedies but none cured his malady. The day he obeyed the simple instruction from Prophet Elisha and dipped himself into River Jordan was the day he received healing for his disease condition; (2Kings 5:1, 10, 14). His arrogance and disobedience did not help his condition; the only thing he needed that could heal him was obedience to the instruction of God’s prophet.

2.Righteousness: Abraham was declared righteous not only because he had faith but because he balanced his faith with obedience. We all know that faith without work is dead, so the work he did was to obey God’s instruction to leave his father’s land for a place God would show him. The second work he did was to obey God when he was asked to sacrifice his only son Isaac. (Gen 12:1-5; Gen22:1-3)

3.Long life: God promised to give long life to those children that would honor their father and mother (Ex 20:12; prov.6:20-23; Eph 6:1-3). The reason you would enjoy long life is not just because you honour your parents but because you have actually obeyed God’s word which says you should do so.

4. Safety: All the people who disobeyed God’s word in Noah’s generation died. Only Noah and his family were saved because they chose to obey God’s word. Obeying his word actually keeps you from destruction. (Gen 6:7-8)

5.Prosperity: The lord instructed the children of Israel to keep his word: they would only prosper by obeying his word. The same way he expected the Israelites to obey his word and prosper is the way he still expects us to be obedient to his instructions today. (Joshua 1:8)

6.Salvation: Obedience to God’s word can also bring salvation to other people. The scripture revealed that Evangelist Philip obeyed the simple instruction from the angel of the lord, asking him to go to the way that led to Gaza. When he followed that instruction he met the Ethiopian Eunuch who eventually received salvation (Acts 8:26-28). The second person whose obedience brought salvation to somebody else was peter. He obeyed God’s order to go to the house of Cornelius, and that brought salvation to Cornelius’ family. (Acts 10:19-21, 44-48).

There is no better way to get God’s reward than to live in obedience to his word. When you obey him, he feels honored by you and pours out his divine blessings upon your life.

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