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Can We Make God Happy? Find Out How We Can

Posted by Efoghor Joseph Ezie on 6/19/2010 10:12:00 PM

We can make God happy, just as we can also make our fellow humans. He has emotion which he expresses the same way man does. When he is sad, it shows in his emotion, and he does not know how to hide his feelings because he doesn’t pretend.

It is therefore important that we understand what makes God happy and keep doing them in order to attract his blessings. When we do what pleases him, he gives us that which is our greatest need, even if we do not demand or request for it. You can never be sad yourself if you make him happy. There are several ways we can achieve this and some of them include.

1.Faith in him: One sure way to make God happy is for us to believe in him, believe in his spoken word concerning us and believe in the work of redemption that was accomplished in our behalf at the cross of Calvary. The easiest way to make him sad is to doubt his existence, his omnipresence, omniscience or his omnipotence. When we refuse to believe in his creative powers, and attribute our existence to mere scientific or molecular accident, we show that we have more faith in science than in the God of creation. But when we believe in him, he is pleased with us, and that moves him to grant our requests (Gen.15:6Gal 3:22,Heb11:6)

2.Praise: praising God is another way of making him happy. He does for us what nobody could do; he takes care of our health, he provides our daily needs, he protects us and directs us. We also need to praise him for his greatness, glory, holiness, faithfulness, his salvation, his grace and for his majesty. Praise is a way of showing our appreciation to him: when we appreciate him, he is happy to do more for us. There are means we could adopt to praise his name – singing, dancing, worship, speaking, use of musical instruments, etc (psalm 69:30 Eph5:19)

3.Soul-winning: witnessing to people and leading them out of sin, unto the way of God, is one other way to make him happy. He is so glad to see us saving people and leading them away from the way of hell fire. When we win souls, God is happy because those souls would live in eternal joy (pro 11: 30, mark 16:15)

4.Care for the poor: we can never make him happy when we live in affluence and opulence, while those around us live in penury and lack. He is made happy when we use his blessings to take care of the poor, orphans and widows. He even sees the help rendered to the poor as directly rendered to him (God); for this reason, he opens more channels of blessing for those who help the poor (Prov 14:31, 19:17, 22:9,Matt 25:41-46)

5.Obedience: no father is ever glad when his son disobeys him. In the same vein God is not happy when we refuse to obey him or his word. When we disobey him, it means we have no regard for him; but when we obey him, he is happy with us. (1sam. 15:22, Jer 7:23)

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