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Holy Spirit; Why We All Need Him

Posted by Efoghor Joseph Ezie on 6/24/2010 10:24:00 PM

The Holy Spirit is needed by everyone who wants to succeed in his/her Christian life; he plays an important roll in our growth as believers. He is a part of the trinity (Three-in-one God); and was promised to al Christians by our lord Jesus Christ

The Holy Spirit is essential to all believers for the following reason:
1.He is our teacher: He teaches us all spiritual truths, and makes us remember all we have learnt. We therefore need him if we are to make it as student of the kingdom (John 14:26)

2.He encourages us: Heavenly race is such a challenging one, with trials, temptations and tribulations which could easily make us fall along the way. The Holly Spirit keeps encouraging us as we are faced by these challenges, and keeps us moving toward our goal. His presence in our lives makes the race an easier one to run (Act 9:31).

3.Helps us to pray: Sometimes we become confused as to how to pray and what to ask from God. Sometimes we are too tired to pray, and when we kneel down we just keep struggling. At times like these, he comes in to assist us: he then directs us on what to say and also gives us the strength to pray (Romans 8:26-27).

4.He convicts us of sin: Everyone was a sinner before accepting Jesus Christ as his/her Lord and personal saviour. Occasionally we still get caught in the web of sin; it takes only the presence of the Holy Spirit for one to agree he’s truly a sinner, because he convicts us of our sin, and brings us to genuine repentance (John 16:8).

5.He empowers us: we would be powerless as Christians, without his presence in our lives. It is he who gives us the power we need for evangelism, and to succeed in our tedious ministries. Our Christian success does not depend on physical strength; rather, it depends on the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. (Act 1:8; 6:6-10).

6.He counsels us: The Holy Spirit also advices us whenever we are making decisions, to ensure we do not make decisions that would lead us into danger and destruction. He helps us to take decisions that is best for whatever situations we find ourselves in (John 14:16)

7.Helps us overcome Satan: Without the Holy Spirit, Satan would destroy us in a twinkle of an eye; since we cannot withstand him with our natural strength. He provides us with the weapons needed to overcome Satan and stand to resist temptations that he brings on our ways (Eph 6:16-18).

8.He directs us: He also provides us the direction we need to take in our day to day work, and as we interact with others. We saw how he led Evangelist Philip to the way leading to Gaza, so as to preach the gospel to the Ethiopian Eunuch who needed salvation at that point in time (Ps 143:10; Act 8:29-39).

9.He controls us: We could be wild in our natural state; we could react negatively and aggressively when provoked. But he gives us self-control, and makes us see reason why we must not react in an unacceptable way (Rom 8:9). We need this great tool to be able to fit properly into society and touch people with our positive approach to life.

10. He admonishes us: He boldly tells us what our friend and families may not be able to tell us. He reproves when we do what is wrong: he does not pamper us. When he sees us doing what is against God’s standards, he immediately frond at it and point out to us, in other to save our soul from hell fire. (Neh.9:30).

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