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Blasphemy; What Does It Mean?

Posted by Efoghor Joseph Ezie on 6/19/2010 11:32:00 PM

Blasphemy is something done or said that shows disrespect for God or sacred things. God deserves to be honored and respected in the way we say, act or react to issues regarding him. We blaspheme God when we deliberately do things that will soil his name or show that we have no regard for him.

What amounts to blasphemy?
1.Idolatry: Worshiping idols, or bowing down before graven images amounts to blasphemy before God, because we give the glory that belongs to God, instead to the idols or images. (Neh.9:18; Ez.20:27-27)

2.Involvement in condemnable acts: When people get involved in condemnable acts, like rebellion, they blaspheme God. This was exactly what Lucifer did that cost him his position in heaven (Ez.28:14-18).

3.Persecuting the church: The Apostle Paul confessed being a blasphemer for persecuting the church of Jesus Christ. (1Tim.1:13). Anyone therefore who persecutes the people of God because of their belief, commits the sin of blasphemy.

4.Discrediting Jesus: The Jews kept attacking Jesus because they didn’t believe what he said concerning himself. They even refused to give him credit for most of the works he did. They believed he should not be called the son of God. This in itself amounted to blasphemy. (Matt.9:2-3; Matt.26:64-65; Mrk.2:7; John10:33)

5.Equating Jesus with Satan: Branding Jesus to be the same thing as Satan means blaspheming the name of God. To also say that Jesus uses the power of the devil, amounts to blasphemy (Matt.12:24-27; Mrk.3:22-26)

6.Substituting the Holy Spirit’s glory: When we refuse to give glory to the Holy Spirit for what he has done, or when we chose to give the glory to the devil as the source of a miracle which the Holy Spirit has performed, we blaspheme against the Holy Spirit. (Matt.12:31-32)

7.Oppressing the poor: The act of oppressing the poor also amounts to blasphemy in the sight of God. (Josh.2:2-7)

8.Speaking against God’ word: One of the accusations the people brought against Stephen was that he spoke blasphemous words against the holy place and against the law (The word of God’s law). Acts 6:11-13

9.Speaking against God: The son of Shelomith was stoned to death because according to the Jews, he blasphemed by speaking against the lord God. (Lev.24:11-16).

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