Thursday, June 17, 2010

God Speaks To Us; But How?

Posted by Efoghor Joseph Ezie on 6/17/2010 07:47:00 PM

God speak to us, but not everyone understands when he does. Only those who have trained their minds and spiritual ears, and also disciplined themselves hear his voice and understand. When he talks to us, he expects that as his children, we should listen and do his will.

There are various ways God speaks to his children: some may be familiar with a particular way, others may discern his voice in different ways. Some of the ways he talks to us include:

1.Through the scripture: Everything God desires or wishes for us are in the scripture. His dos and don’ts are all written in his word; so each time we study the scripture we understand his voice. Each time we study his word we hear him saying something to us.

2.The Holy Spirit: God also speaks to us through the Holy Spirit: the Holy Spirit tells us his mind and his plans for us. He also tells us when God is warning us concerning a particular situation e.g. when there is an impending danger (John 16:13: Acts 13:2-4)

3.Through prayer: when we pray, God reveals his mind to us. If what we are asking agrees with his plans for us, he gives us peace in our spirit after we have prayed. This peace in our spirit lets us understand that what we have asked of God is settled. So if we pray and still have trouble concerning that which we prayed for, it is an indication that God may not be in support of what we intend to do.

4.Revelations: God also speaks to us through revelations; this maybe in form of vision (Acts 16:9-11), a trance (Acts 10:10-16), dream (Gen 37:5-8, Dan 4:5-6), or prophecy (Acts 11:27-28, 21:10-11). The reason he makes some to be prophets and dreamers is that they should be used as vessels to speak to his children. Apart from speaking through the prophets, he also talks to his children using the afore-mentioned mediums, even though are not prophets. He spoke to Peter, Paul, Prophet Agabus, Joseph, king Pharaoh and king Nebuchadnezzar, using one of these means at one time or the other.

5.Other People: God also talks to us through other people; especially more matured Christians, who are able to identify God’s design for us. Sometimes he uses several persons to speak on a single issue in or lives, giving us the conviction that he is the one who is speaking and not just the flesh. (2Tim 1:5)

6.Circumstances: Sometimes he speaks to us through the circumstances we find ourselves in. We may try to do a particular thing, but if God does not support it, we will never succeed in it no matter how much we try. In our sufferings, sometimes he speaks to us and tells us his mind concerning us. Some situations may make us seek him the more and get to understand his mind towards us.

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